The best place to get a list of MPs is the catalogue page at Microsoft.

However there are management packs that have been released by companies or people with an interest in Operations Manager that are not listed in the Catalogue. Note that MOM 2000/2005 MPs can be converted for importing (although there can be a few issues with some of them).

Also checkout the new page listing community MPs at

  • Sheduled Tasks MP – Maarten Goet, Inovativ (free)

  • Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) MP (Free)

  • Xerox CentreWare

for Microsoft SCOM is a device manager software application that provides the ability to identify, view, and centrally manage Xerox network printers and multifunction printers within Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007. (Free but need to request it)

  • ReSearch This!

is a common repository for information on how to resolve alerts for Operations Manager 2007, System Center Essentials and Microsoft Operations Manager 2005. It provides a method to search a community repository for alert resolutions and to submit information to share how you have resolved alerts in your environment.!A231E4EB0417CB76!1055.entry

  • Monitoring a Process MP – Cameron Fuller (free)

The Process Monitor provides alerting if a process specified is not running within an acceptable range. For example – MyBigCustomerApp.exe not running at least once on this server send me an alert.!A231E4EB0417CB76!1039.entry

  • Alert Forward MP- Cameron Fuller (free)

This MP provides a right-click ability to forward an alert to someone via email.!A231E4EB0417CB76!1038.entry

  • The Alert Forward Task MP v2 From Cameron Fuller

The Alert Forward provides a right-click ability to forward an alert to someone via email. Script can be located on network share in this release. 2008/04/22

  • Backup Unsealed Management Packs MP – Derek Harkin (free)

  • – Steve Wilson, Microsoft Program Manager (login required to access parts of site but just to track downloads)

This site has a number of sample XML management packs with PDFs that go through how they were created. These MPs are not useful in production but are great for learning how MPs work and how to create your own.

  • Unisys MP for Server Sentinal (needs Unisys support login)

  • Monitor Event Logs MP – Andrzej Lipka, MCS Poland (free)

“By default it discovers all event logs on all computers, monitoring is enabled by adding an override and after monitoring is enabled you can do some customization of thresholds (80 and 90% by default AFAIR) and you have a recovery task to perform local backup (you can override script parameters, which include folder to which to backup and compression.”

  • Put Computers into Maintenance Mode MP – Brian Wren (free – sample to modify)

“I was given a challenge recently to come up with a solution for an organization that wanted to suppress any alerts for certain computers and services during a particular time window every night. The particular set of objects and the times in question had to be manageable by the administrators – preferably from the Operations Console.”

  • Veritas Storage Foundation Version 5.0.1000.0

MP available at
MP Guide (69 page PDF) available at

Raphael Burri (Zurich, Switzerland) monitors Swisscom’s MS-OS based installations including IPTV product Bluewin TV which is using Microsoft’s Mediaroom solution – hence the media services MP.

  • Microsoft – Active Directory

OpsMgr ‘07
Custom AD topology discovery MP
enable multi forest discovery
Jan, 15 2008

  • Microsoft – MOM 2005 DWH

MOM 2005
MOM Datawarehouse MP
keep track of DTS job duration
Jan, 9 2008

  • Microsoft – Windows Media Services 9

OpsMgr ‘07
Windows Media Services MP
for Windows 2003 only
Mar, 18 2008

  • Microsoft – Windows Scheduled Task

OpsMgr ‘07
Windows Scheduled Task MP
Feb, 14 2008

Raphael says – “I just learnt that Maarten Goet of Inovativ has published a very similar management pack a few days ago. The main differences are that Maarten’s MP is introducing an additional object type ‘Scheduler’ (if I understand correctly those are essentially Windows computers with Scheduled Tasks configured) and that he’s decided to look at the ‘Last Run’ property instead of the ‘Next Run’. Also Maarten’s features cool icons for diagram views. It’ll be up to you to decide which one you find more helpful.”

  • SNMP MP -Raphael Burri

April 29th 2008
Operations Manager ships with various providers that allow populating classes. They allow discovering classes based on the presence of a Windows Service, WMI queries, registry entries or by running a script. Currently it is not possible to use SNMP OID queries.

In oder to discover details of SNMP capable network devices, I combined the ProbeAction System.SnmpProbe with a discovery data mapper. The resulting Custom.SnmpQuery.FilteredOIDDiscoveryProvider uses the output of SNMP OID queries in discoveries. To make reusing the provider easier, I put it into a sealed management pack.

  • SMTP Check for Ops Mgr 07 –

This is a sample MP containing a script that checks a target server’s SMTP port. The script uses the Toolsack DLL to perform the network tasks. 2008/04/22

  • Ping Monitor – SCOMnivore

A ping performance data source module designed for collecting response time (performance)
A ping unit monitor type designed for determining whether the target is responding (availability)
A rule that targets the SNMP Network Device class with the aforementioned ping performance data source module
Two unit monitors that use the aforementioned ping unit monitor type.  One is targeted to the SNMP Network Device class and one is targeted to the Health Service Watcher class.
The current version of the sealed MP is 16th June 2008.

  •  Empty Distributed Application template – SCOMnivore

A completely blank distributed application that will appear in the Template list when you create a new distributed application. It is very similar to the “Blank (Advanced)” template that ships with OpsMgr, but it is truly blank
The current version of the sealed MP is  20th June 2008


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