Big Demo

If you want a demo that is all set up for you (by Microsoft) and even gives you a script then look no further than You do need to register.

This is 9 virtual machines (1.8 GB if you download them all) which covers SCOM, SCCM beta 2, Forefront Client Security (FCS), Forefront Security Manager for Exchange and Intelligent Application Gateway. Quite a load of stuff. Also in the mix is Exchange 2007, ISA 2006 SE, SharePoint 2007and WSS v3. And because FCS is there then MOM 2005 is also there!

You will obviously need Virtual PC or Virtual Server but these are both free. The VMs run Windows 2003 R2 EE which expires on 25th April 2008 which gives you 11 months to use them. Although the Forefront Client Security beta expires on 30th June 2007 and I am assuming other bits will expire as well although those are not documented.

I have only just downloaded them but it does say that you will need 10 GB of disk space and 2 GB of RAM although 4 GB is recommended. I’ll say. You need to give SCOM at least 1 GB of its recommended 2 GB to see reasonable performance. Actually in the script document it does say that you will need more that 2 GB for some of the demos. There are 5 different demos.

1. System Center Configuration Manager pushing Forefront Client Security signatures to keep a client machine updated
2. Forefront Security for Exchange Server blocking viruses in emails received in Outlook 2007
3. System Center Operations Manager monitoring the health of servers and clients in the environment
4. Intelligent Application Gateway adapting user access to SharePoint 2007 based on end-point policy detection
5. Forefront Client Security performing Real-time Protection against malware.

You can just download the document which goes through the demos and scenarios and the text file and that will give you an idea for what is on each machine.

I will be setting all this up on my 4 GB server to see how it all runs.


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