SCOM and MOM Bloggers

Last Updated 16th August 2009
* – recommended and active as off this date

Microsoft Bloggers (alphbetical based on feed name)
* BWren’s Management Space (Brian Wren, MCS) –
Eugene Bykov System Center Opeartions Manager Reporting (Dev) –
Jonathan Almquist on Operations Manager (Premier Field Engineer, Minneapolis)
Jimmy Harper’s Operations Manager Blog (CSS) –
* Kevin Holman’s OpsMgr Blog (CSS) –
Lenny Wile’s Manageability Blog –
Matt Goedtel on Operations Management (MCS) –
Microsoft.Unix.Computer –
Mother (Justin Incarnato, PM) –
musc@> $daniele.rant | Out-Blog (Daniele Muscetta, Support) –
* Operation Manager Product Team Blog –
System Center view by Ravnholt (Anders Ravnholt, MCS) –
The Manageability Team Blog (also covers SCCM) –
TimHe’s Blog of SMS SCCM SCOM MOM and SCE (Tim Helton, Senior Supoport Escalation Engineer, Charlotte) –
* OpsMgr, SCE And MOM Blog (Clive Eastwood – Supportabilty PM) –
* OpsMgr++ (Boris Yanushpolsky, PM) –
Nexus SC: The System Center Team Blog
* Notes on System Center Operations Manager (Marius Sutara, Dev) –
* Stefan Stranger’s Weblog – Manage Your IT Infrastructure (CSS) –
Service Management Technologies (Jose Rodas, Senior Support Engineer) –
Steve Rachui’s Manageability blog – SMS/MOM (Support Escalation Engineer, CSS) –
* System Center Operations Manager 2007 (Walter Chomak, MCS) –
Tim Minter All Things Management (MCS) –

Community Bloggers (alphabetical based on feed name)
Advisec (Bjorn Axell -MVP) – –
Andrzej’s Weblog – Loose Thoughts About IT (Andrzej Lipka, ex MCS Poland) –
Andy Dominey’s MOM Blog (MVP) –
Bernardo Sanchez (JalaSoft) –
Blog de François DUFOUR [EXAKIS] –
Bruce Kinnamon –
Cameron Fuller’s T2R2 (MVP) –
* (Anders Bengtsson, MVP) –
David Allen (UK MVP, Aquilaweb) –
Derek Ops Manager (Derek Harkin) –
Discuss It now – Blake Mengotto (MVP) –
Everything SCOM 2007 – Timothy McFadden
Gordon (Gordon McKenna UK MVP)
Help Me Manage (Jeff Skelton) – (Lynn Lunik) –
Kerrie Meyler’s blog (Network World) MVP –
MOMSki does Service Management (John Rakowski, UK) –
My Microsoft Operations Management Experience(Raymond Chou, MVP Malaysia) –
Operating- Quadrant (Kristopher Bash) –
* Operations Manager – Kerrie Meyler and Cameron Fuller –
Operations Manager 2007 – David St.Claire –
Ops Manager – John Hann (MVP) –
OpsManJam Libary –
Organic Fertilizer – Marus Oh (and SMS) MVP –
Pavleck.Net ( Jeremey D Pavleck)
Pontus Operations Management Blog (Pontus Blomqvist) –
* Quaue Nocent Docent (Daniele Grandini) –
Raphael Burri’s blog –
Rui Caeiro –
SCOM 2007 (Atakan Titiz) –
* SCOM Training (Rory McCaw, MVP Canada) –
SCOMNIVORE (Vin DiPippo, Focus24) –
Scott Moss at myITforum –
Scott Vintinner’s Blog –
Secure Vantage Team Blog (ACS) – (Rikard Rönnkvst, Sweden) –
Stuart Renes: The Blog –
System Center Central – all RSS feeds to pick from –
System Center Central – just OpsMgr –
System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 (Graham Davies, UK) –
Susan’s Blog (Susan Smith, WMUG, UK) –
System Center and BDD (Daniel Lai – MVP) –
System Center Blog (Will Kaiser)
System Center Guide (Duncan McAlynn, MVP, Ireland) –
System Center Operations Manager 2007 Blog (Robert Henry) –
The EXPTA Blog (Jeff Guillet) –
The MOM 2005 Connector – Robert Smit (NL) –
The System Center Connector – Robert Smit (NL) –
* Thoughts on OpsMgr (Marnix Wolf, NL) –
Wall’ys Weblog –
Wim-ms (Unix background) –
Ying Li at –

System Center Essentials Team Blog –
The Real World Is Messy (Gwen Zierdt) –

Community Bloggers That Cover MOM/SCOM Amongst Others (alphabetical based on feed name)
Aaron Tiensivu’s Blog (MVP) –
code4ward (
Stefan Koell) –
Electric Bunnies (SA, was Geeky Girl) –
I have a Blog, and I Must Scream (Jason Sandys) –
James Kahn’s scratchcard –
Omar’s Blog on Systems Management (Omar van der Hoeven) –
MCP Guides-
Nick’s Blog (Nick Beaugeard) –
Techlog (includes Maarten Goet, MVP) –

Most Recent KBs for Operations Manager (MOM) 2005 –
KB Alertz MOM 2005 –
* KB Alertz SCOM 2007 –
Blogcast Repository (MOM) – (mini webcasts)

AuthorMPs (Steve Wilson Microsoft PM) –

The Service Desk –

Old ones (Not being updated but you can still find some useful posts here though)
Sampa @ Work – Sam Patton (Developer) –
System Center Operations Manager Command Shell (Roger Sprague) –
Monitoring at Microsoft with Operations Manager
* Stefan Stranger’s Weblog (NL, was MVP now Microsoft) –
Ian Blyth – MOM (discontinued for this one) –
Stefan Stranger’s old blog –
Pete Zerger –
Justin Harter (uses now) –
Gordon McKenna –
Rob Stevens (MS) –
MOMOPs.Net –
Alps Blogosphere –
MOM 2005 – John Hann –
Brian Desmonds Blog –
4 Sol – Aidan Finn on
Bryce Kinnamon – Senior Computer Systems Architect –!972D6881EF65500D!134.entry (Neale Brown) –
Mike Betts (UK) – the blog –
Pete Zerger – (now part of blog)

Rui Caeiro (Portugal) –
Gill looks at Windows Management and Monitoring – Sarbjit Singh Gill –
Systems Operations (Michel Kamp) –
Gerald’s space – MOM Scripts originally on GotDotNet –
Popeye_2k –
Dustin’s Tech Notes (Dustin Hannifin) – (now doing SharePoint)
James Kahn’s Scratchcard –
System Center Operations Manager by Jonathan Hambrook (Australia)
MOM 2005 & SCOM 2007 – Scot Moss – (Duncan McAlynn MVP) –
PSS Manageability Official Blog (MOM and SMS) –
Jakub @ Work (Jakub Olesky) –
thinkWork (Komal Kashiramka) –
Stefan Stranger’s Weblog (NL, was MVP now Microsoft) –
Tarek Online! SCOM 2007 in Egypt –
Geeky Girl (South Africa) –
Aquilaweb –
SystemCenterForum Site Rollups – (other feeds available) Run by Pete Zerger (MVP).

Andrzej’s “IT Thoughts” Weblog (Andrzej Lipka, MCS Poland) –

System Center Operations Manager 2007 (Walter Chomak, MCS) –


  1. Ian,
    Thanks for mentioning my weblog but I’m from the poor site of the Strangers 😉 and that’s why my name is Stefan and not Stephan.

    Stefan Stranger

  2. A swedish site with info on “System Center and some more”, mainly OpsMgr, SMS and Softgrid.


  3. G’Day

    Noticed you had a sweedish site and thought and Aussie one would be a nice addition. My blog is at

    Have a look and if you find it worthy feel free to add it to your extensive collection.

    Jonathan Hambrook

  4. Great resource – thank you.

  5. Hi Ian !

    Nice list, with lots of resources i didn’t even know. How about adding techlog to the list? We cover System Center related news on our website.



  6. Hey Ian,
    I’m breaking my SCOM/PoSh/monitoring stuff out of my old blog into a new one, feel free to add Pavleck.Net to the list, there isn’t much there right now – but I’m busy cleaning up my SCOM PS snippets to make it more presentable to the masses, so there will be soon.


  7. Ian I think the developer of the System Center Content Search Gadget is glad you made the list for him 😉

    We only need the list with the urls in a text file and we are ready to make our own Live Search Macro for all SCOM and MOM blogger….

  8. as you’ve probably figured out long ago I don’t *just* talk and write about OpsMgr… I write on my blog about everything and nothing I stumble into and find intersting.
    But I *do* write about MOM and OpsMgr from time to time… you’re probably better off pointing at the category page

  9. Scomnivore’s updated URL:

  10. Alexwebmaster

    Hello webmaster
    I would like to share with you a link to your site
    write me here

  11. Hi Ian,

    My blog has moved to


  12. Hi,

    You may also check how to send SMS from SCOM 2007 with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway:


  13. Great, where to find blogs and KB and such thing about System Center, thanks



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