Not All Services Show Up

I was watching Baelson’s presentation from the 2007 MMS DVD and I picked up this useful piece of information which may help explain why not all services show up for monitoring. There were so many sessions that it is useful to have the DVD to go back and watch them again to pick up items that I missed first time around.

If you use the wizard to create a monitor for a Windows Service then you can browse to see the services you can monitor. However the list presented is shorter than the list in the Services MMC. This is because in this version OpsMgr can only monitor services that are not shared. A number of services may share and run under svchost.exe so these can not be picked up. The product group are looking to fix that in the next version. If you have in house developers make sure that they create separate services for their applications otherwise you will not be able to monitor them.


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